SMS loan around the clock

An SMS loan is supposed to be something fast that you can get whenever you want. Many loan institutions, for example, advertise that you can apply for an SMS loan around the clock. Here we will look at whether it really is possible to get SMS loans around the clock or how it is.

Here we will consider some different options


Regarding how times work for this type of loan. Which unfortunately for you who want the money in the middle of the night will not be very positive directly.


The first thing to understand is that the loan institution must be open if they are to pay out money. This is the decisive factor in large part for whether or not an SMS loan should be paid out throughout the day. A credit check must be carried out before an application is approved or not and in order for this to be done, someone simply has to work.

Only open on weekdays


Most credit institutions are only open on weekdays, which means that money is only paid out during these days. The rules then usually are that an application that is submitted and approved before 13:00 will also be paid the same day.

If the application is submitted after 13:00, it is not guaranteed that the money will be paid out on the same day, instead it is usually guaranteed that they will be paid out no later than the following morning. Applications on weekends are paid out on Monday. Some lenders may be open in their office this weekend and then some other rules may apply.

Has the open door

There are some lending institutions that offer micro loans that are open on weekends. The rules here are often that you can also get money paid at the weekend, provided that the application is submitted during the hours the office is running. In general, however, the opening hours are shorter during the weekend, which means that the application must come in earlier in the day for there to be any chance of getting money paid.

Your bank account

Something that can make you get paid faster but also paid out at other times is if you have your bank account with the right bank.

The loan institutions often cooperate with different banks. If you have an account with the right bank, the money will be deposited more quickly into the account. The money must also be able to enter the account at the weekend in order to be able to access some money during this period. How fast it is for money to get into the account is difficult to say in advance as there are many different banks and lenders. How the collaboration between these exactly works is difficult to list.

Read the rules carefully

Read the rules carefully

It is very important that you read the rules carefully if you want to get the money at any other time than the usual. Many loan institutions write that it is possible to apply for a SMS loan around the clock.

But that’s only half the truth as it often just means that you can submit an application during all hours of the day. They still do not pay the money around the clock. Therefore, carefully check the rules that apply to the payout if you really want the money fast.

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