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The Mobile-Home Loan is a repayable loan, at the Fixed Annual Effective Rate (APR) of 5.75% (fixed rate of 5.604%) for an amount of $ 1,500 to $ 100,000, with or without a personal contribution, over a repayment period of 12 to 120 months, no application fee. See of critique.

Subject to regulatory variation

Subject to regulatory variation

Terms in effect as of October 1, 2019, and subject to regulatory variation not known at the time this communication is online (September 30, 2019).

Offer subject to final acceptance after consideration of the supporting documents requested by Cofinco, CA Consumer Finance brand, lender.

You have a legal right of withdrawal when you subscribe your credit.

The electronic signature is offered for Payday loans, Personal Auto, Personal Motorcycle, Personal Caravan, Personal Works and Agila revolving credit. It is accessible subject to informing a mobile number when you apply online, this number is required to sign electronically.

Financing is paid into your bank account

Financing is paid into your bank account

Your financing is paid into your bank account after study of your supporting documents, final acceptance of your file by the lender and after the end of the legal prohibition of making available funds.

Monthly payment break

Monthly payment break

The monthly payment break is possible every 6 months since your file is more than 3 months old, subject to the proper functioning of your credit, for a period of 1 to 2 consecutive months. The new monthly payment can lengthen the duration and increase the total cost of credit. Request to make 15 days before expiry. In case of decline, the new monthly payment must represent at least 60% of the initial monthly payment.

The Agila Renewable Credit is a credit whose contract is renewable annually and whose applicable rate depends on the portion corresponding to the amount actually borrowed. This amount is determined daily by all uses and repayments of the Borrower. The applicable rate may therefore increase or decrease depending on the portion of the credit used by the Borrower.

Offer subject to acceptance after study of the supporting documents requested by Cofinco, brand of CA Consumer Finance lender.

You can use your Agila Renewable Credit by making funds transfers in 48 hours (excluding week-ends and public holidays) to your bank account as soon as the legal prohibition of the provision of funds is complete.

The Agila Renewable Credit can be accompanied by an optional VISA Agila credit card. The VISA Agila card is a credit card that can be used to the credit on express choice on TPE or DAB in France or in cash by default on Internet, abroad and for the payments without contact. Cash can be arbitrated at the end of the month. In contactless mode, the maximum payment amount is $ 30; the maximum cumulative amount of successive payments is limited to $ 50. Beyond this amount, a payment transaction with a PIN must be made by the cardholder. Free the first year. Free from the second year on condition of using the card for cash or credit. Otherwise, the fees are as follows: VISA Agila card 19 $, VISA Premier Agila card 49 $. You have a legal right of withdrawal when you purchase your credit and your optional Agila Visa credit card



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